Rum Series :: The National Grid x Hans Crafted

The National Grid was asked to present concepts to The Moonshine Rum & Cider Bar in Manly which embraced the theme of the old world Sea Shanty Rum Bar.
Working with the ever talented creative masterminds Hans Crafted, we presented the idea of six large format portrait shots of the crew of a vessel, each with their own role on the old ship.
The Captain, The Navigator, The Cook, The 1st Mate, The Engineer & The deckhand. One of the crew is the rogue Rum Smuggler, steering the mission of the vessel well off course.

Pulling at the heritage of the building which was designed in 1859, We soon realised that some of the old timers that drank in the Steyne Hotel we’re in fact the crew we were looking for.
Each portrait, shot at the pub, measures 4.9 metres x 3 metres spanning an amazing 81sqm of the Moonshine ceiling.
Paying what we believe true homage to the spirit of the Steyne, the patrons & the sea.

The installation is up at The Moonshine Rum Bar in Manly & well worth an overwhelming look.
For a full interview of the idea, check out the Local Focus piece written by The Little Hobo Project for Sprout Daily.

A huge thank you to Gerard, Amy, Joey, Britt & the install crew at The Steyne for letting this project roll.

Art Direction & Design :: Simon Barrett & Myles Pritchard
Photography :: Myles Pritchard

~ by The National Grid Work on July 17, 2012.

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